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About us

Empawraw is a small, online-based company that strives to provide the healthiest pet treats for your pets. We’re committed to provide the healthiest pet snacks, using only high-quality ingredients sourced locally for your furry bestie!

Our Goal 

Our goal is to help you feed your pets better while also giving you peace of mind knowing that all our products are natural, safe, and healthy for your beloved furr babies!

Empawraw understands that pets have a special place in their hearts and it’s important to make sure they’re getting the best possible care. That’s why we source only the best products for your besties!

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Freeze Dry Technology

Freeze-dried treats are an ideal option for pet owners who don’t want the hassle of preparing their furry friends’ favourite foods. Freeze-drying is a very gentle dehydration process used for preservation of high quality foods. Using the modern Freeze-Drying technology, the products with almost zero nutrient or mineral loss as very minimal heat is needed to “sublimate” liquid out of foods.

This means that your beloved dogs and cats can enjoy the many benefits without any loss in nutrition when you feed them these treats that require almost no effort on your end to prepare!

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No Nasties. Just ONE Ingredient

It’s not just the ingredients that make us different. It is also our commitment to providing you with 100% natural products free from preservatives, nasty chemicals or any other artificial additives – we only use high-quality Australian based produce!


Quality Treats Only!

We understand that picking the best snacks can be difficult when there is so many choices on the market. That’s why we pick only the best natural products so you dont have to 🙂

Our vision


You can have peace of mind knowing that we source our ingredients from local businesses only. Using local suppliers means we are able to help reduce carbon emissions from transportation and logistics. That way, you know that your purchase will be produced without compromising ethical values or using harmful chemicals and are environmental friendly!

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